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Coming up on her third year in the Network Marketing Industry, Jessica recently began a new journey with LimeLight by Alcone- leaving her former company of two and a half wonderful years. Leaving behind a team of hundreds of women, to begin a new journey she felt God led her to- as He confirms it to her in some way every single day. There’s just something about fresh starts and new beginnings that do something for your heart. The decision was tough, but she followed in obedience. Her team “Beauty from Ashes”, is growing daily- women from all over the country jumping to a business plan meant to empower and uplift women who are looking for a little bit extra! However, do not be fooled by all the fun, this is one savvy business and it’s no wonder women are jumping in head first!

Take a step outside of her Beauty Box, you will clearly see where here passion lies within her business. With over a decade of experience in the Cosmetology field, it’s no wonder Beauty, Fashion and Makeup are three of Jessica’s greatest passions. “I betcha probably think you DON’T need to use moisturizer because you have acne or oily skin and it would make it worse? WRONG! Every skin type needs moisturizer!” She’s excited about this new opportunity to be able to share with you makeup tips, how to’s and the benefits of skin care! For Jessica, it’s all about empowering and encouraging women right where they are at in their lives. Making sure women from all over understand that true Beauty isn’t in the makeup we buy, skin care we use or brand of clothes we wear, but rather true beauty is from within.

Jessica’s mission is to prayerfully impact her generation, by leading and showing the way. She is a fun loving girl who is driven, dedicated and has that #bossbabe hustle which drives her and she uses to inspire others with. Jessica has caught the vision and wants to help as many women overcome fears, teach them to believe in themselves and share with you just how LimeLight by Alcone has changed her life- in hopes of sharing and showing you the way to change yours- and the lives of people around you.

Whether you stopped by to shop her Beauty Box or maybe you just wanted to see what all of this is about, she looks forward to hearing from you and helping you with whatever you may need!



1950 – Alcone started as a pharmacy selling makeup and false eye lashes to Broadway Showgirls and starlettes.

Today as LimeLight by Alcone they are bringing you an all natural, paraben free line of skin care and professional makeup.

66 years of practice, research, and women… they’ve got to be doing something right