ninety nine reasons


I can also tell you, don’t let the “fear of failure” hold you back- you’ve watched my journey for a little over a year now- and I haven’t stopped- I am no different than you- we all join with the same two basic things- a kit and a dream- let’s lock arms and climb our way to the TOP-

I love working one on one with my team of girls and I love watching the mountains move in their lives that they didn’t see moving– if you are looking for something fun, that you’re never pressured to “DO” join me in this journey- try it for 100 days-

the worst thing that could happen is you have $270 worth of jewelry you love and will wear–

the best thing that could happen in those 100 days is earning $300+ in free jewelry, a couple of $100’s in cash bonuses on top of a monthly commission check, some new friends and an opportunity to take by force and truly change your situation and life!

to learn more about starting your own journey with Plunder Design Jewelry click the image below:



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