Stylish & Flexible- thats how I work on all days that end with a “Y”

Stylish & Flexible- thats how I work on all days that end with a “Y”

Could you easily say that with your job? I’m so thankful for Plunder Design in so many more ways than just one… but my numero uno reason is pretty simple, y’all- PLUNDER MAKES ALL DAYS THAT END IN Y THIS FOR ME: FULL TIME FAMILY, FLEXIBLE, FREEDOM, FUN, FAMILY FIRST and FANTASTIC FUTURE!


We incorporate vintage, unique designs at sensible prices and bring a business plan meant to empower and uplift women who are looking for a little bit extra or are wanting to retire early. We offer a sisterhood nothing shy of spectacular and a customer service department that outperforms the call of duty. However, do not be fooled by all the FUN, Plunder is one savvy business and there is a place for you on Team Roar.


Take a step outside my Jewelry Box- and you will see where my passion lies within this business. To me, it’s about empowering, encouraging and helping my team reach their goals- helping women succeed and prayerfully impacting my generation. I’m a fun-loving girl that wants to Plunder the world and share it with YOU!

I would love to share Jess Mo’s Jewelry Box with you and help you choose your own bit of happiness from Plunder. If you are interested in joining my team, hearing more about what Plunder Design Jewelry could do for you/you and your family or schedule a Plunder Design Jewelry Party contact me!



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