Here is  the updated Plunder Design Jewelry Stylist Per State Map for May 2017. Who would have thought when I started this Plunder journey in January 2016 that Texas would have 728 stylist? When I joined there were only 77 stylist in Texas…that is crazy!! Plunder is growing by leaps and bounds and at a great pace where we can train stylist and they are all able to get help from the top leaders in the company. This is extremely valuable and is part of what makes our sisterhood so amazing! We couldn’t be more excited about our opportunity and what Plunder Design has to offer.

If you are considering joining Plunder Design the time is now! We are past the 3 year mark and are an established company. We are still a ground floor company and now we are focusing on growing and sharing this Incredible opportunity! The best part is Plunder Design has no monthly minimums and we don’t require our stylist to carry inventory. If you are looking to make a little extra cash or life changing money Plunder offers this plus so much more! We are a group of women who want to help and uplift all of our Plunder sisters. It is an amazing feeling when you get to help and see your Plunder sisters achieve their goals and become wildly successful! If you look over this Plunder Design Jewelry Stylist Per State Map May 2017, you will see the potential for growth in your state. For fun, google your state’s population and see how it compares to the Plunder Stylist map above and imagine where you can be this time next year. We are going to continue to grow…do you want in now or later?

I am blessed a thankful each and every day for this life changing opportunity! If you are interested or have any questions I would love to chat with you. Feel free to email me at


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