Jewelry has standard lengths that are typically measured in inches, we try to customize many of our pieces to be adjustable because we understand that different body types like different lengths.


Women have lots of options:

Collar Style
14 inches
Tightly around the neck


Choker Style
16 inches
Tightly against base of throat

Princess Style
18 inches
On the collarbone

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Matinee Style
20 to 24 inches
Between the collarbone and the bust


Opera Style
28 to 36 inches
On the bust or an inch or two below


Rope Style
36 to 42 inches
Wrapped to sit on or just below the center of the bust


Are you still wondering what necklace length works best for you? While it might be best for you to try some on to get a feel for what you are comfortable in and what looks good on your frame you can always measure a favorite piece of yours that you wear often.
All necklaces are of course worn around your neck and depending on your height, width, age and so on may change what type of necklace you wear.

Also consider the shape of your face when selecting the perfect length, if you have a rounder shape you would want to find a piece that lengthens your face, if you have a longer face would look good in a shorter necklace such as a choker.

Your height is also a good way to help with your decision, if you are shorter a rope necklace may get lost and go past your waist but a princess cut would go well with your frame, if you happen to be taller than you would look good in a longer or larger piece.

In the end it all depends on you, what you think looks good, and what makes you feel good. For some it may be a bright and cheery piece, others could be a vintage or retro feel. At Plunder Design we offer all different lengths and styles to suit anyone.


What is your favorite length to wear?

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