Fashion Forward with Affordable Vintage Distressed Flannels


I look to Pinterest a lot for fashion inspiration and then dig high and low on the internet to somewhat replicate my favorite outfit pics. When looking into fashion for this fall, I couldn’t scroll without seeing Graphic Tees, Casual Tees, Jersey Style Dresses and such paired darling Flannel Shirts.


I went straight to google to search flannels and low and behold I found these darling (might I add AFFORDABLE) Vintage Distressed (big win for me) Flannels on an Etsy Shop called “The Bearded Bee” Sarah, the face behind the fashion, has several color options, distress levels and sizes for you to choose from.


I thought you might enjoy browsing her shop and claiming your own Flannel which will be a staple in my closet this fall! Happy Shopping!


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