About Me


I am the daughter of the Most High King. I love Jesus and jewelry! I serve on the Diva Board of Directors for Plunder Design Jewelry. Born and raised in Texas where everything is bigger and better, y’all. I am the wife to an amazing man and the mother to a little boy who is full of life and keeps me on my toes-but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  My mothers friend introduced me to Plunder Design Jewelry. After looking into their vintage inspired line of jewelry, wanting every single piece, seeing a necklace named “Jessica”, and the cute packaging each piece comes in, the rest is history!

Seriously, what girl doesn’t love jewelry, especially when the prices are so savvy and the quality is next to NONE! As a new mom, self employed hairstylist, I wasn’t sure if I could add any more to my plate, but my dream of wanting to stay home more with our baby boy and loving the jewelry line so much, I figured it was worth the shot and jumped on in! 

Take a step outside my Jewelry Box- and you will see where my passion lies within this business. To me, it’s about empowering, encouraging and helping my team reach their goals- helping women succeed and prayerfully impacting my generation. I’m a fun-loving girl that wants to Plunder the world and share it with YOU! 

I would love to share Jess Mo’s Jewelry Box with you and help you choose your own bit of happiness from Plunder. If you are interested in joining my team, hearing more about what Plunder Design Jewelry could do for you/you and your family or schedule a Plunder Design Jewelry Party contact me!

Achievements with Plunder:

  • 30 day fast start
  • 60 day fast start
  • 90 day fast start
  • 2016 General Jackson River Boat Incentive Winner
  • 2016 Louis Vuitton Handbag Winner-Top Sponsor
  • 2016 Plunder Diva Director
  • 2016 Louis Vuitton LapTop Case Winner- DIVA BOARD
  • Posh Rank
  • Moxie Rank
  • Stellar Rank
  • 1 Star Peep Rank
  • Cash bonuses
  • tons and tons of team incentives won
  • 2017 Plunder the Seas 7 Day Western Caribbean Cruise
  • 2017 Race to Moxie Throwback Incentive Winner

Jessica Mothershed- Peep Leader/Diva Director