because of Plunder

Achievements with Plunder Design Jewelry:

  • 30 day ramp
  • 60 day ramp
  • 90 day ramp
    • $100 cash bonus
    • $100 cash bonus
    • $250 free jewelry
  • top sales Team Radiant: June 2016
  • Most recruits Team Radiant: June 2016
  • Top Recruiter out of 6,000 stylists: June 2016
  • Top Sponsor in Team Classy Pearl Girls: June 2016
  • 2nd in Sales Team Classy Pearl Girls: June 2016
  • Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM Incentive June 2016
  • Top Sales in Team Classy Pearl Girls: May 2016
  • Queen of the Month Team Classy Pearl Girls: May 2016
  • #8 in company for May Sales: May 2016
  • General Jackson River Boat Incentive Trip-Nashville: June 2016
  • Queen of the Month Team Shine On: May 2016
  • Promoted to 1 of 3 Positions for the Board of Plunder Design Jewelry: Plunder Diva Director July 2016
  • March 2016 monthly incentive
  • April 2016 monthly incentive
  • May 2016 monthly incentive
  •  June 2016 monthly incentive
  • Posh Rank Up -$100 cash
  • Moxie Rank Up
  • Stellar Rank Up- $250 Cash
  • 1 Star Peep Rank Up



Plunder has been such a blessing to me & I want to see others blessed through this business too!
See this number? ZERO 😍
💗This is how much money I make off of your $99 stylist kit purchase.
💗 This is how many auto shipments and loyal customers you have to have every month.
💗This is how much you’ll have to pay in penalties.
💗This is how much money you make if you don’t ever give it a shot.
💗This is how mad I’ll be if you decide it’s not for you.
💗This is the chance you’ll have at success if you don’t give it a chance.
💗This is how much inventory we have to carry.
💗This is how much quota you’ll have each month.
💗This is how much your upgrade kit will be if you hit your first goal within 30 days (this month only)!
💗Maybe zero is an important number after all!
Message me and let’s chat about the business. ZERO pressure! 😉