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Leather, Pearls and Rhinestones

Our Kimberly necklace combines several of my most favorite things- leather, pearls and rhinestones… What more could a girl want? Pair Kimberly with our leather Kari cuff adorned with rhinestones & add our Kasia earrings to the mix and you’re set! What you may not know about Plunder Design Jewelry that you need to know, each piece of our jewelry is hypoallergenic, lead free and nickel free. Our jewelry is designed with you in mind, making each piece safe for all skin types and always affordable for every budget!

Versatility is one of the many things most Plunder Design Jewelry pieces are known for.


Diffusing oils, wearing my highest rank charm along with a picture of
My precious baby boy, Max Tatum! My jewelry has many stories to tell and I’m thankful for being able to use Plunder Design Jewelry as the tool to connect to many people! I chose to layer our Feather & Pearl bracelet along with our motto “shake it off and step up!” Bracelet. All of my jewelry I’m wearing today tells a huge story, a story of redemption and the faithfulness of Jesus. How He never lets us go,
How he raises us up and calls us to things larger than we ever imagined for ourselves. My thoughts for me and not His for me and His ways for me are not my own. His are highest, truest and BEST! Feeling thankful today! Thankful for the opportunity Plunder provides for women like myself and many others! it’s a great time to be a Plunder Stylist!

If you’re thinking “Anita” necklace like this…you’re not alone! Meet Anita-one of our most popular and very versatile plunder pieces. Did you know that the Anita necklace houses a working locket- making it a perfect place to diffuse your favorite essential oil AND include an extra lobster claw to attach your favorite Plunder Design Jewelry charm? Watch my demonstration below:


Plunder Design Jewelry offeres a variety of custom photo charms and pendants. Pictured here are our Plunder Design Jewelry’s Lorena pendant and out Plunder Design Jewelry mini atlas pendant which includes a lobster claw. Your choices are limitless when designing these pendants: use your favorite photos or quotes. I’d be happy to help you design your custom Plunder Design jewelry pendant. You may contact me via private messaging on Facebook today:


Olivia, Paige and Dorthea


you’ve got to keep a close eye on these pearls because you never know what they are up to next! It’s mainly only Olivia Necklace and Paige Bracelet that really have tricks up their sleeve! Dorothea Earrings knows her place in life.  Don’t believe me? Just watch!


to the left of the screen you will notice how Paige Bracelet isn’t satisfied with just being a bracelet. She knows she is made for so much more. (is she ever!)

the clasps on Olivia match the clasps on Paige, connect them together and….IMG_8324.JPG






Holy Pearls! They make a perfect pair!

If that wasn’t enough for you, then scroll down an little further to see what else Olivia Necklace can do!

Here at Plunder Design Jewelry we are known best for the versatility our jewelry offers. Three pieces of jewelry can transform to be worn several ways. What i love about Plunder Design Jewelry’s Olivia necklace is if you look closely at the largest pearl bauble, you’ll notice its attached to a lobster claw, meaning, you can attach ANY Plunder Design Jewelry Pendant to change things up a bit. Here’s one example pictured below.


My choice for the day was Plunder Design Jewelry’s Allison Pendant. I love how this brass framed stamped  monogrammed pendant speaks for itself. I bet you can’t guess what the J stands for..

that’s right! Jewelry.

if you scroll back up just a little bit, you’ll notice the little lobster claw attached at the top of the Paige Bracelet.. yes! We have pendants that fit to perfect proportion with our girl Paige.

Olivia can be worn short (20″) or long (32″) and the best part is… Olivia only costs $26! Hypoallergenic, lead free and nickel free stamped with a super savvy price!

With bodacious baubles and playful pearls the Olivia necklace is for you! Click here to find     out more info on Olivia, Paige and Dorthea!