We incorporate vintage, unique designs at sensible prices and bring a business plan meant to empower and uplift women who are looking for a little bit extra or are wanting to retire early. We offer a sisterhood nothing shy of spectacular and a customer service department that outperforms the call of duty. However, do not be fooled by all the fun, Plunder is one savvy business and there is a place for you on the team!


Choose to Plunder! For just $99, you can be your own boss. Our Plunderful Life Perks program is a great way to get your Plunder business started off on the right track. You can earn cash bonuses and FREE jewelry while having fun sharing your new Plunder business with your friends and family. Really serious about growing your business? Ask about our 2×2 Plunder Pattern to jumpstart your path to success.

Transform your life and the lives of those around you! We have a plan — even a spot with your name on it reserved in this, our “Plunder Revolution.” We can show you a clear path and provide all the support you need.

Our system works. Make a change.

Not a small change, but a change that will make a noticeable statement… a statement so great the average majority will fall under.

Your Opportunity…Your Way!                                                                              

A product line that’s easy to show, unmatched in quality, and in high demand!

• Our beautiful packaging makes Plunder products the perfect gift… for yourself or others!

• We have a fabulous Hostess Rewards Program that’s very generous. We make it easy for ladies to say… Yes! I want to book a party!

• With Plunder Design, your work will feel like play… and you can schedule parties around your life!

• Our Compensation Plan is very lucrative and easy to understand. Whether you want to supplement your income, replace your income, or build an income others only dream about…you can!

The best part is, Plunder Design pays for the Hostess Rewards so they don’t cost you a thing!

Our goal at Plunder is to provide you with the tools, skills, and motivation you need to grow your Plunder Design Business. As you are an Independent Stylist, you will determine your own hours, goals, and the level of achievement you desire. Most Plunder Design Stylists work their business part time, but you have the option to work your business full time and make it a career where you can achieve your dreams!

Your Plunder Design Starter Kit will come with everything you need to be on your road to success… plenty of product, business supplies, and marketing materials.



Not only do we have an amazing Compensation Plan, but when you choose to Plunder, you will be a part of a team of fellow Stylists that will help you every step of the way, and have access to a fabulous Perks program!

This bonus program begins 10 days after your initial Starter Kit purchase.

40 Days = Achieve $400 PRV in first 40 days = Earn $30 Dollars in Free Sales Tools

70 Days = Achieve $400 PRV within days 41-70 = Earn $60 Dollars in Free Sales Tools

100 Days = $800 PRV within days 71-100 = Earn $90 Dollars in Free Sales Tools

Consistency Bonus A – Complete all of your 40, 70, and 100 day goals and receive $100 in Plunderfully-picked products = $100 cash bonus!

Consistency Bonus B – Complete all of your 40, 70, and 100 day goals + sign 3 new Stylists in the first 90 days = $100 in Plunderfully-picked jewelry.

PLUS-Hit $1700 in PRV in any given month and earn even more!