Mr.Go Away & Mrs. Christie

(a little background) Just a few months back (June to be exact) God placed two very special people in my life. I would like to introduce to y’all, Harp, or as us girls from the Junk Food Junkies Airstream would chant to him, “Mr. Go Away” and his beautiful wife, Christie. These two were fellow vendors with us at the Vintage Market Days of  East Texas, in Nacogdoches, Texas- I was helping my mom with her Vintage Airstream Food concession, Junk Food Junkies, and on this particular day, my job was to hand out watermelon samples to the shoppers of the event. I was positioned in front of our display, holding a tray of sliced watermelon, when I stepped in front of THIS HUGE fan by complete accident-my hair blew everywhere-if you know me well at all, you know how particular I am about my hair!- I was caught off guard when this man, who I have never met before referred to me as “hey frizzy hair”, with a smile I offered him a watermelon slice and told him to “GO AWAY!”


After sharing my frizzy hair story with my friends working at the Junk Food Junkies booth, they would join in with me each time as he went through our line for watermelon, greeting him with a friendly “GO AWAY”.

I am so thankful for the Lord placing the Hapers in my life! They are the owners of Dry Gulch Mercantile- the cutest little storefront you ever saw, specializing in antiques, all things vintage- and today, browsing through my Facebook news feed, I saw This adorable trunk that I am going to use with my Plunder Design Jewelry business as a jewelry display. If you are a lover of antique finds, and anything vintage, be sure to head over to their Facebook business page and “like” to see updates of the treasures they find! One things I love about their store, is they ship items to you!

IMG_9409 2.JPG